Scrub & Butter is focused on making hand crafted, and all natural skincare products that become part of your everyday skincare routine. These products are geared towards women and men of all ages and of all skin types. Everyone deserves wholesome, quality products that benefit their skin - explore our website and try some of our products. Your skin will thank you!


Your skin is a living, breathing organ and absorbs everything you put on it. Our products are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients (ingredients that you can actually pronounce!) that feed your skin with the things it needs to feel healthy and happy. Our products are designed to work as a team, addressing different but important aspects in your everyday skincare routine.  We want you to have healthy, happy, glowing skin - and we're here to help! 


Hey Guys! My name is Lauren Griffith and I am the founder and owner of Scrub & Butter. I started making my own skin care and hair care products - face masks, hair masks, scrubs, and butters in 2009. 

I got tired of buying products that I didn’t feel really worked for me; so I tried making my own. I found specific, all natural, ingredients that addressed specific issues I was having with my skin, and kept trying different combinations until I found what I liked. 

Around Christmas of 2016, I gifted some of my favorite items to close family and friends, and shortly after was receiving requests for more. In late 2017, after months of convincing, Scrub & Butter was born I haven't looked back since!