It's a Pleasure to Meet You!...

Lauren - Founder

In 2009, Lauren started making her own skincare products. Why? She was OVER buying skincare she felt just didn’t work for her. She started doing a ton of research and landed on ingredient blends that addressed her own skincare needs. Little did she know that this would be the early beginnings of Scrub & Butter. 

Once she perfected making products for herself, she gifted some of her faves to close family and friends. Those family and friends kept coming back and told even more family and friends. And, in 2016, once the requests and informal orders started streaming in, Scrub & Butter was born. 

Lauren’s favourite products are the Coffee Scrub, her first product ever, and her brand new Liquid Butter. 

"Witnessing Scrub & Butter’s growth and hearing what our customers’ are saying about our products has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve learned so much from them and that has helped the brand evolve - from our products to packaging and even content. I’m ready to continue on this amazing journey with them and I’m truly excited about what’s to come.” - Lauren

Alyson - Operations Manager


Alyson is Lauren’s mom and where Lauren got her initial obsession with skincare from. She helps her steer the Scrub & Butter skincare ship and is in charge of all things operations. She keeps our shelves stocked, ensures your products are packaged with love, and shipped quickly. She is a sounding board, guiding light and the best cheerleader a daughter could ask for.

Alyson’s favourite products are the Coffee Scrub and the Body Butter.