It's a Pleasure to Meet You!...

Lauren - Founder

Lauren started making her own skincare in 2009. She got tired of buying products that she felt didn't really work for her; so she tried making her own. She did a ton of research, and found specific ingredients that addressed the issues she was having with her skin. In 2016, she gifted some of her favorite items to close family and friends. After several subsequent requests and months of convincing, Scrub & Butter 

"My favourite part of this business is figuring out how to serve our customers better, and that is constantly changing. We love evolving with our customers. I also really enjoy the opportunity to be creative, with our products, our packaging and our content. Witnessing this business grow has been incredibly rewarding - it has been such an incredible journey, and I am excited for what's to come." 

Alyson - Operations Manager


Alyson is in charge of all things operations - she ensures orders are packed and shipped ASAP, keeps our stock full, our website up to date and our ship sailing right!