We Could Not Build This Brand Ourselves

Because we are a small, Black female-owned business, we believe that it is important to stay connected to communities that look like us. We believe in working with local artists, content creators, and photographers to support the creation of any of our digital/social content and marketing materials.
We want to give them their flowers - see them highlighted below! 
Scrub & Butter_Skincare_Deborah Lewis_Graphic Designer_Toronto

Deborah Lewis

Graphic + Web Design

Deborah Lewis is a self-proclaimed typography and design nerd and the founder of Province of Design. Province of Design is a design studio crafting joyful & colourful brand identities for soul-driven businesses. Her work is fuelled by colour, curiosity, and a positive outlook - she’s serious about fun!

Instagram: @provinceofdesign

Scrub & Butter_Skincare_Samantha Joy_Photographer_Toronto

Samantha Joy


Samantha Joy is a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. 

Sam is known for her bright, colourful visual storytelling. She helps businesses and entrepreneurs bring their creations to life through compelling imagery, to attract their star-aligned clients. The building of a brand is complex, which is why her process involves discovery and exploration to deeply understand a vision, and effectively translate this to impactful imagery that will capture attention. Her goal is to have her clients feel confident and empowered in the planning stages, in front of the camera, and in the excitement of receiving the final deliverables. 

Sam is inspired by the wonder of natural light, the beauty and uniqueness of each face, textures in our outdoor world, and the depth of shadow play. Sam has a unique skill set, which enables her to showcase brands in their best light.Her absolute joy is working with and empowering others who feel they are born to create!

Instagram: @samanthajoyshantz

Scrub & Butter_Skincare_Roxanne Bennett_Copywriting_Communications Support_Toronto

Roxanne Bennett

Copywriting & Communications Support

Roxanne has entrepreneurship built into her DNA, she has been inadvertently creating and attracting value as an entrepreneur since the age of 10. Fast forward to 2021, she is the CEO & Co-Founder of the beauty-focused tech startup @makeupmate and Founder of the hair brand & community @naturalistacanada. Jamaican-born and raised she’s now based in Toronto, Ontario. She is a mama and wife, and also works as a communications professional.

Scrub & Butter_Skincare_Ashley Mckenzie-Barnes_Graphic Design Support_Toronto

Ashley Mckenzie-Barnes

Graphic Design Support

Ashley is a Creative Director, Curator and Part-time Academic Professor with over a decade of experience in the public art, advertising, media/publishing, entertainment, corporate and non-profit sectors. 

She’s been a featured speaker, moderator, and workshop facilitator and most recently her work has been seen across Canada and internationally. She’s executed large-scale festivals, installations, exhibitions and campaigns, including work with Colin Kaeperknick’s Know Your Rights Camp, Universal Music, Harbourfront Centre, TEDxToronto, Soho House, Samsung, Scotiabank, and Nuit Blanche Toronto 2019.

We were lucky to have Ashley design the Scrub & Butter logo, and the first iteration of our product labels!

Instagram: @ashleymckenziebarnes

Scrub & Butter_Skincare_Meghan Wilson_Makeup Artist_Toronto

Meghan Wilson

Eyebrow Queen

Meghan‘s journey as an Eyebrow Artist began in the beauty department of a luxury retailer over a decade ago, and since then she’s spent countless hours cultivating her craft with a set of tweezers in her hand. She prides herself on the safe space she’s created and welcomes individuals of all ages, all walks of life, and from all over the world. Meghan has a delicate and skillful approach, and a unique ability to elevate the already captivating facial features of those who sit before her. This is a transformation that goes far beyond the brow...

Meghan was responsible for hooking all of our models up with a fresh tweeze at our last photoshoot - thank you, Meghan!

Instagram: @visitshapeshop