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What our customers are saying

Ok. So. Honest Opinion? The OAT SCRUB is a home run. I looooooooove it. It applies SO nicely. You know, sometimes when you put on a scrub, you're holding your breath hoping you dont lose half the product in the process? Not a problem in this case! lol You can tell there is no crap in it, and the scrub is put together thoughtfully... I'm a big fan.

Lisa D.

I am really loving the new BODY BUTTER. It goes on like... well.. Butter! My daughter is so fussy with putting on lotion after baths and she LOVES it! Today, she covered herself from head to toe with it (a little too much in my opinion lol). Her review, "it's so soft". We will definitely be purchasing more! <3

Joanna A.

OMG, I just used the Coffee Scrub - ITS SO INSANE. My Face feels so smooth, but also so moisturized. After a scrub, how?? And the smell.. ahhh is it edible? Because I definitely ate a bit. I love it!


My sisters received their goodies on Monday FYI!!! Their first reaction was, "the scrub smells soooo good!" 

Olivia S.

When something works for you, you stick with it. I used the African Black Soap on my hair, face and body - everything always feels really clean and I've definitely noticed a positive difference. 

Elizabeth C.

OMG I used the Face Butter for a couple of days, and it makes my skin GLOW! I love it!

Zara J.

Just tried the Coffee Scrub and I love it, thank you!!

Victoria K.

The [Coffee] Scrub is amazing, it smells like I could eat it :) and the soap is perfect for what I was looking for. Thank you!

Yuliya C.